Frequently Asked Questions


How do I use the RFID Sleeves?

The RFID sleeves are designed to provide instant protection, just slide them over your card or passport and they are immediately safe. You do not need to activate the sleeve for it to work, they are ready to use right away.

Are the sleeves waterproof?
No, our RFID Vault sleeves not waterproof, but they are water resistant. We have designed these to be durable sleeves that last. They should be able to survive light water exposure, but should not be immersed in water or allowed to sit in contact with water for prolonged periods. If water exposure occurs, always dry the sleeve as quickly as possible to avoid water damage

How do the RFID Sleeves work?

RFID Vault essentially provides a shield for the data or RFID chip found in most credit cards and passports. These RFID chips allow someone to collect data or personal information without even touching your card. Some scanners have been known to work as far as 5m away. RFID Vault provides a shield that blocks these scanners from being able to detect and skim your information.

What type of RFID protection? Are all RFID Cards the same?

There are two types of RFID cards. The first type of cards are fitted with a 13.56 Megahertz frequency chip, these typically include: new debit and credit cards, passports, transit cards, hotel keys, ID cards, Military CAC Cards and TWIC Cards.

The second type of RFID card is the 125 Kilohertz frequency chip, which are the older style ID cards and access cards. These types are much less common. Our RFID Vault sleeves are designed to provide protection from the 13.56 Megahertz frequency chip cards, but not the 125 Kilohertz frequency chip.

Can I reuse one sleeve for a different card?

The sleeves can be used for different cards, however we do suggest just using it for just one card at a time, as multiple cards at once may stretch the sleeve and risk weakening the shield.

What does RFID stand for?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

How do criminals scan or skim my information?

RFID criminals use portable card scanners that are connected to a laptop or mobile device. It is then as simple as the person getting the scanner close enough to your card to collect the information. While they do need a certain degree of hijacking abilities, it is becoming increasingly easier with access to online tutorials. Almost anyone can buy a card scanner online, so we highly encourage the use of our RFID sleeves not just for travel, but also for daily use.

How long do the sleeves last?

The lifetime of the sleeves depend on how often you use them and general wear and tear. RFID Vault sleeves have no expiry date, however if they somehow become damaged over time or start to drastically wear, we do recommend trying a new sleeve so you know that you are still 100% protected. With that in mind, RFID Vault sleeves are designed to be water resistant and durable, ensuring each sleeve can withstand the wear and tear of average use.

Do RFID Sleeves Damage Cards?

No, RFID sleeves are completely safe and will not damage your cards or the data chip, so your card will still be able to scan when you want it to.